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WECAN Statement in Solidarity with Ukraine

WECAN is heartbroken and outraged by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. We stand in solidarity with the Ukrainian people whose very lives and livelihoods are under attack as Russia continues bombing and assaulting communities across Ukraine.

As shared by Climate Nexus, the “Russian invasion enters a second day, Ukrainian forces are preparing to defend the capital, Kyiv, from advancing troops. ​​Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said Russians were targeting civilian areas, and announced that 137 Ukrainians had been killed and 316 wounded. According to the United Nations, more than 100,000 people have fled their homes.”

Amongst years of tension and colonial ideologies at play, it is important to highlight that the invasion of Ukraine is being funded by fossil fuels. Russia is the world’s second largest gas producer and third largest oil producer. In fact, oil companies like ExxonMobil have been some of Vladimir Putin’s closest partners, aiding and abetting his rise to power, which has resulted in this shocking invasion of Ukraine. (see more information about the connections between ExxonMobil and Putin here:, and )

The fossil fuel industry is one of the central engines of war, imperialism, and capitalism, funding and fueling (literally and metaphorically) ongoing conflicts and violence towards communities, local ecosystems, and our global climate. This is why when we talk about climate justice, we also talk about ending militarism, securing human rights, and upholding sovereignty and transparent democracy. As long as fossil fuels remain a dominant part of the global economy, dictators and authoritarian leaders like Vladimir Putin will continue to have the funds and power to wage wars and hurt people.

People, and all living beings, are not pawns or collateral for the extractive, capitalist economy or the political objectives of those in power. We are anti-war and anti-imperialist, and do not support wars or conflicts in any country. We stand in solidarity, and support the sovereignty and democracy of Ukraine and denounce the military invasion by the Russian government. Imperialism, militarism, and authoritarianism have no place in a world that prioritizes the rights and humanity of our communities and Mother Earth. Our hearts are with the people of Ukraine.

There are many resources to learn more about what is happening on the ground and support Ukrainian efforts. Please see a list of resources, compiled by Power Shift Network here.


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