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United Nations studies show that women farmers feed the world, and are central stewards of seeds and agricultural biodiversity. With 80% of biodiversity existing within Indigenous territories, Indigenous women hold vast knowledge and skill gleaned through their traditional role as healers, culture shapers, and caretakers of water and land.


WECAN's Women & Femme-led Food Sovereignty Program collaborates with Indigenous and frontline women to secure and grow food and medicinal herbs for their communities and support a sustainable path toward community resiliency during cascading crises of climate, colonization, and the COVID-19 pandemic. Through garden networks and tree nurseries,  women are working to preserve and propagate plant knowledge, developing sustainability, community and local economies by returning to seeding adaptive practices, rooted in Traditional Ecological Knowledge, and inspiring solutions to modern-day challenges, like climate adaptation.

Please click on the boxes below to learn more about our growing regional Food Sovereignty programs and collaborations.

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