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Women on the Frontlines, An Untold Climate Story

“We know, and must push governments to see, that the window of opportunity for acting on climate change is not going to be open for much longer. Our children are watching. The lives of current and future generations are at stake. These are all reasons to get involved, but another one that we so often fail to mention is LOVE. We love this Earth, and it’s about time we stand up, change radical course, and return to our role as Earth-respecting citizens. We cannot underestimate the power of people taking direct action to resist the institutions that are interfering with our democracy, freedom, health, happiness, and the very web of life itself.”

We are thrilled to share this article by Women’s Earth & Climate Action Network Executive Director, Osprey Orielle Lake, which was featured on Common earlier this month as part of the build up around the Global Women’s Climate Justice Day of Action.

Read the full article ‘Women on the Frontlines, An Untold Climate Story’ on Common Dreams here, and then click here to add your voice to the Global Women’s Climate Justice Day of Action by uploading a photo, video, statement, and/or action recap NOW through September 29th, 2015. No action is too small and every voice is critical.


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