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The Need for Real Zero Not Net Zero:
Shifting from False Solutions to Real Solutions and a Just Transition

With growing pressure to take action to address the climate crisis, governments, financial institutions, and corporations have made Net Zero commitments a primary response to adhere to the goals outlined in the Paris Climate Agreement, with the aim to limit warming temperatures to 1.5°C (2.7°F).  This policy analysis specifically aims to address concerns about, and better define Net Zero, and in doing so, begins to explore and define Real Zero initiatives that demonstrate alternative practices and pathways forward for a healthy and equitable approach to the climate crisis within principles of a Just Transition.

To bolster real solutions, there must be critical interrogation and accountability from governments, financial institutions, and corporations to support efforts and frameworks that lead to equitable and effective outcomes. These various actors have the responsibility and opportunity to decelerate existing exploitative socio-economic structures and instead, offer a healthy and just path forward.  

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