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WATCH: WECAN Latin America & Caribbean Leaders Call for Climate Justice

We are thrilled to share this video put together by Kiyomi Nagumo, our outstanding WECAN Latin America & Caribbean Regional Coordinator, as part of the Global Women’s Climate Justice Day of Action.

The video contains photos and footage of the low-lands regions of Bolivia, where Kiyomi and allies are campaigning to draw attention to and reverse recent action by the government to open up national parks and formerly protected lands to oil and mineral extraction.

Evelin Prieto, Indigenous leader of the Moseten peoples, provides commentary in the video, which is translated below:

“Our demands… this is what we want – our rights as Indigenous peoples, and to make it known to the whole country that we Indigenous peoples DO have a right to live well, in harmony with the environment, in harmony with the people. It is not that we don’t want progress, we want progress, but we want it under our norms, in context of what we know – Nature, co-existence between us the people and Nature. We are simple, humble – but we can also take the lead and take action to move forward. But not always with mega projects, suddenly shattering and destroying our environment, Nature. So yes, we are going to fight for her. We are on the path of struggle in defense of our territories.”

You can learn more about ongoing struggles to defend Indigenous Rights and Mother Earth in Bolivia in this powerful Guardian article, which features Carmen Capriles, longtime WECAN ally and Director of Reaccion Climatica.


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