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WECAN Ally in Action: Kandi Mossett at #FRACK OFF

“You’re not guaranteed change when you make your voice heard against injustice; but you’re guaranteed to fail if you remain silent.” ~ Kandi Mossett, Indigenous Environmental Network

Photo courtesy of Kandi Mossett

Deriving her heritage from the Mandan, Hidatsa, and Arikara peoples of what is now North Dakota, Kandi Mossett of the Indigenous Environmental Network (IEN) has emerged as a leading voice in the fight to bring visibility to the impact that climate change and environmental injustice are having on Indigenous communities across North America.

After competing her Master’s Degree in Environmental Management, Ms. Mossett began her work with the IEN as Tribal Campus Climate Challenge Coordinator, engaging with more than 30 tribal colleges to instate community based environmental programs, discuss issues of socio-ecologic injustice, and connect indigenous youth with green jobs. She currently serves as the IEN’s Native Energy & Climate Campaign Organizer, focusing at present on creating awareness about the environmentally & socially devastating effects of hydraulic fracturing on tribal lands.

Her local work is complemented by international advocacy work, including participation in several UN Fora and a recent testimony before the U.S. Congress on the climate issue and its links to issues of health, identity, and well being on tribal lands.

Photo courtesy of Kandi Mossett

Kandi’s message is powerful; “Above all, fight to protect all life; be a voice for all those that can’t speak and never give up hope.”

On Saturday, September 20th 2014, Kandi will be featured at ‘#FRACK OFF: Indigenous Women Leading Media Campaigns to Defend our Climate’, to be held in New York City as part of Climate Week 2014, the People’s Climate March, and the mobilization around the U.N. Climate Leadership Summit. At the event, Kandi and a panel of inspiring women will discuss the high profile media campaigns being conducted by Indigenous women in the US and Canada in reaction to the expanding fossil fuel industry and government incursion on tribal rights and sovereignty.

The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN International) is extremely honored to have Kandi Mossett as a member of the WECAN Advisory Board.

More information about ‘#FRACK OFF: Indigenous Women Leading Media Campaigns to Defend our Climate’ and how to join the free online livestream can be found at:


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