Women for Climate Justice at the 2014 People’s Climate March in New York City - Photo via Emily Arasim/WECAN International

The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network, ‘U.S. Women’s Climate Justice Initiative’ seeks to support the development of a collective voice, action base, space for trainings, and movement of women, feminists and allies from across the United States calling for immediate action for climate justice and protection of our waters, forests, air and communities.

It is internationally recognized that women are absolutely critical to implementing climate change and sustainability solutions, yet it is also clear that women need more prominent spaces and mechanisms to marshal their united efforts and involvement into a truly powerful movement. WECAN International, along with allies across the U.S., is supporting this movement.



Frontline and Indigenous communities

Women’s Leadership

Health and Climate Change

Oil, Gas, Fracking, and Tar Sands Extraction in the U.S. and Canada

Pipeline Infrastructure

The Transition to a Just and Clean 100% Energy Future

Violence against Women/Violence against the Earth

The Crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

Divest/Invest Efforts

Privilege and Oppression

Dismantling White Supremacy

Exposing and Resisting Colonialism

Sustainable Businesses, Consumption Patterns,

Ecological Economics, Circular Economies

Power of Women’s Votes


Community Rights and Rights of Nature

Developing New Cultural Narratives

Local Food and Farming

[re]Connection to Nature

Impacts of Global North on Global South

Movement Building

Long-term Systematic Analysis for Climate Justice

Women's March on Washington D.C - Photo via Emily Arasim/WECAN International

Our work is based on a climate justice perspective. We must take into account that women are disproportionately impacted by climate change and environmental degradation, and Indigenous women, women of color, women from low-income communities bear a heavier burden from the impacts of climate change.

In the U.S., studies show that more women believe in the science of climate change then men, and are more likely to act upon it. Women in the U.S. also vote more, and give more of their philanthropic dollars to environmental issues. Additionally, women in North America determine 80 percent of all household consumer purchases, a power which could be mobilized to significantly reduce carbon emissions through purchasing choices, including eliminating use of fossil fuels, polluting plastics, chemical laden foods, and other products whose continued use threaten our future.

Casey Camp Horinek, Ponca Nation Leader (Oklahoma), and member of the WECAN International Advisory Council and U.S. Steering Committee - speaking during a Rights of Nature event in New York City

Imagine women demanding a change away from endless economic growth models and from current consumption patterns that are destroying our Earth!

These changes are needed around the globe, but most especially in the United States, which is responsible for at least two-thirds of all global consumption, and over 15% of global carbon emissions, with only about 4% of the global population.

In the face of the current U.S. Trump Administration and its extreme and unacceptable stances in favor of climate denial, promotion of fossil fuel and extraction, bigotry, racism and sexism - we raise our voices ever louder and organize with evermore determination.


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The Women’s Earth and Climate Action Network (WECAN) International is a solutions-based, multi-faceted organization established to engage women worldwide in policy advocacy, on-the-ground projects, direct action, trainings, and movement building for global climate justice.

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